Why You Should Partner With An Executive Search Firm

If you’re searching for someone to fill a critical, high-level role that has a major impact on your organization, working with an executive search firm can ensure you have the best professionals leading you toward your potential. At M&B Search Group we locate, evaluate and place the specialized, impactful talent your company needs to realize your organizational goals.

Executive search is very different from recruitment. Although the objective is the same — to find qualified candidates to fill an open position — there are critical differences. Hiring a top tier role such as a CEO, CFO or VP of Sales is not like hiring a junior or mid-level position. These nuances are the reason many successful organizations turn to us rather than utilizing their own internal teams or traditional recruiting firms.

Considering partnering with an executive search firm like M&B Search Group? Here are six reasons you should. 

The best candidates may not be seeking you out

We are experts in assisting passive and active candidates, but our main focus is on passive job seekers — those who are employed and not actively seeking new opportunities. In fact, at least 90% of the candidates we place fall into this category. We’ve found that the best candidates may not be looking, and we are constantly pipelining talent. C-level executives are notoriously hard to reach and take time to build strong partnerships with. Our established relationships give our clients access to a rich talent pool that wouldn’t otherwise know about the position.


You’ll have a clearer understanding of exactly what you need

At M&B Search Group, our strategic discovery process helps identify the nuances of your position. We ask a lot of questions to help everyone understand:

  • Your unique organizational structure
  • Management styles of the entire executive team
  • Culture dynamics of the team
  • Your goals in finding the best executive leader that will add value to your business
  • Future potential and promotional opportunities that will be available for the new leader

According to Harvard Business School, 40% of all executives who change jobs or get promoted fail in the first 18 months — a clear sign that organizations need to narrow their target and identify exactly what they need in a new hire. The ideal candidate for your company should align with your business goals and objectives. We help you thoroughly understand exactly who you are looking for to help propel your business forward.

You can fill a critical role quickly

We often work with clients who have a leadership role to fill that’s both critical and time sensitive. Because we have a consistent pipeline of talent, we typically start our search with a few candidates already in mind. This allows us to work quickly without settling for less than the best. How quickly depends on each client’s needs and timeline, but we usually fill the role within 2-4 weeks.

Internal teams often don’t have the time or resources to spend finding candidates for high profile positions. We act as an extension of the organization, and a lot of our clients trust us with confidential searches for active or future positions.

We find candidates who meet your distinct needs

Out of 1,400 executives surveyed, 36% said that the leading factor of a failed hire is a poor skills match. Your business goals are unique, and your most vital positions require the right mix of skills to have a positive impact on your future.

Good is not good enough. We find the candidates who meet your distinct requirements and fit your culture with our thorough and transparent process. Using our expansive network and multiple recruiting tools, we find the right person who checks all the boxes so you can have confidence in your hiring decision.

You can save time and money

The Harvard Business Review says that more than 80% of employee turnover can be attributed to poor hiring choices. These decisions can be costly — especially in high-profile positions. The economic cost of selecting the wrong CEO at global companies is estimated at a staggering $100 billion. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh once estimated that his own bad hires have cost the company well over $100 million.

Hiring an executive search firm can give you more confidence in making the right choices, saving you time and money in the long-run.

When it comes to high-level positions, nothing compares to an executive search firm

Employee referrals, job postings, and LinkedIn can only go so far. When it comes to finding top talent capable of meeting your critical goals, nothing compares to our 40+ years of combined experience and trusted network.Every exceptional candidate we place is a testament to the personal attention we give and the commitment we make to every search. We don’t just fill open spots; we match talent with professional environments and leadership opportunities to maximize their potential, allowing them and the companies they serve to make significant industry impacts. 

Direct hire or contract placement, we are committed to supporting our clients in their search for exceptional talent. With M&B Search Group, you will experience the personalized professional approach that only a boutique executive search firm can offer. Contact us today to explore how we can partner together to achieve your goals.

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